The Muscle Maximizer

Who is Kyle Leon?

Kyle Leon is an authority and a figure to watch out for in the custom made diets and fitness guidelines industry. Kyle initially looked shredded, had lots of mass and was not defined. He started weight lifting while considering a nutritional diet. He had the intention of building his body muscle while lowering the fat content. He discovered that the timing of the meal during the day in line to the workouts is very critical for fat loss and muscle growth. He has since developed the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer which has been very successful in an aiding others.

Kyle Lean is the current Blue Star Neuteraciticals senior product developer and he also sits on the board of Bio Trust Nutrition. Leon is on record to have assisted several people to customize and master their diet to lose weight rapidly and gain lean muscles.

What is Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer?

Also abbreviated as SMM, is a customized nutritional body needs according to the body type. The nutrition program is accompanied with a specific training guide. This program has helped thousands of people achieved great breakthrough in the bodybuilding arena. People can now follow a pre determined path to look good and how they want it.


SMM Main features

a. It is an internet based application and has easy to use interface

b. The system comprises 4 basic metabolic nutrition formulas customized to individual requirements

c. The aspects considered in the program include age, somatotype, height, weight and metabolism

d. Everyone is assisted to discover the body type

e. Away from gym days meals are given to rebuild and repair the broken muscle tissues

System Format

How Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program entirely depends on how the individual works. The program’s nutritional section constitutes four different methods that will be the main determiners for the most accurate diet for every individual. The designed formulas have all been tested, perfected and proven by the global best nutritionists. Numerous fitness models and bodybuilders have implemented this program at the initial developmental stages to help maximize the system efficiency.

The program is customized to provide the best nutrition plan depending on every individual. The program considers individual weight, age, metabolism and weight. The nutritional design is calculated specifically on user’s somatotype meaning body type:

Mesomorphic: people genetically awarded to build muscles and stay away from fats. This person’s body posture is strong build, physically fit and has low fat content.

Ectomorphic: people genetically characterized by low muscle build and fat gains. This is generally a skinny person and is not blessed with mass muscle and much fat on the body.

Endomorphic: this is a body type that store lots of fats in the body and gain weight. This person is characterized by large waist, high body fat content and a round figure.

The program is designed in a way that everybody somatotype has its own unique diet and training. This program is recommendable for those who have not achieved the desired result due to their body type and wrong diet and training in diagnosis.



The program intelligently customizes every individual meals and training. The program helps the trainee discover the body type. Very important aspects like health, age, weight, metabolism and height are factored in before one is enrolled in the program. The program does not use any kind of chemicals in its processes. Despite the fact that the program is very strict and gives results, v is not a very heavy to follow. One can access the program at own schedule from the internet. It is easy to manage since one program training time according to availability and convenience.


This program has not much advantage. The only weakness with Kyle’s program is that it does not give overnight results. The program does not guarantee overnight results and expect every participant to be completely dedicated to get the best desired results. In addition the program requires that the enrolled member has an internet connection to participate, this may inconvenience those without internet connection.

Final Conclusion and Rating

This program has done wonders to thousands of people globally. It is one of the only sustainable and long lasting results achieved. There are no side effects or any kind of danger in the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program. One does not also require any sort of registration or memberships like in other programs. With all these benefits from one program, this program is the best and wins 9/10 rating. Change way f life by using this unchallenged program